International cooperation

The Ministry of Culture is responsible for promoting the internationalisation of Estonian culture, developing cultural relations and diplomacy between countries, and participating in the formulation of cultural and sports policies in international organizations. Estonia has concluded nearly 50 cultural cooperation agreements and established a joint programme with countries around the world. Estonia also participates in more than 15 international organisations, forums or cooperation programmes.

Estonian cultural attachés

The main task of Estonian cultural attachés is to introduce Estonian culture as well as preserve and promote bilateral cultural relations between countries. cultural attachés work at Estonian embassies in Berlin, Brussels, Helsinki, London, Moscow and Paris, and an assistant cultural adviser in New York.

In addition to the cultural attachés, Estonian culture is also introduced to the world by the Estonian Institute's offices in Budapest and Helsinki. The duties of the Ambassador to Brussels also include representing Estonia's interests in the European Union in regard to matters within the competence of the Ministry of Culture. In addition to developing bilateral relations, the Ambassador in Paris also represents Estonia in UNESCO.

Contact information for the cultural attachés.


The state provides money for international projects from the Estonian Culture in the World programme. This programme supports projects that promote the internationalisation and export of Estonian culture, the introduction of Estonia to the world through culture, and the creation of opportunities for Estonia’s creative people. 

The Ministry of Culture also co-finances Estonian projects participating in the European Union's culture programme. Partner countries reciprocally support the activities of transnational cultural cooperation agreements -- the host countries generally cover the reception costs and the host country covers its own travel costs. The grants from the Ministry of Culture are combined with other Estonian sources of funding. 

Enterprise Estonia (EAS) supports sectoral development centres, including r activities related to cultural exports. The Estonian Cultural Endowment also finances international cooperation.

Important partners

The Ministry of Culture develops foreign relations in cooperation with other ministries and many agencies and organisations, thereby making a contribution to the country's image and the development of cultural exports.

The most important promoters of Estonian culture abroad and managers of international cultural cooperation are the following:


Kalmar Kurs

Head of the Foreign
Relations Department

Last updated: 02.02.2021