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Secretary General Tarvi Sits

As of 11 June 2018, Tarvi Sits has assumed the position of Secretary General at the Ministry of Culture.

Tarvi Sits has worked at the Ministry of Culture as the Undersecretary for Cultural Heritage since 2013. 

Before starting work at the Ministry of Culture, he served as the Deputy Director at the National Heritage Board, among other positions.

Tarvi Sits graduated from the University of Tartu with a degree in history.

He is a member of the following supervisory boards and councils:

2018-... Theatre Vanemuine Foundation, Member of the Board
2018-... Estonian National Opera, Member of the Board
2017-... Estonian Song and Dance Celebration Foundation, Chairman of the Board
2014-... Member of the National Archives Supervisory Board
2013-... Estonian National Museum, Member of the Advisory Council
2013-... Estonian Open Air Museum, Chairman of the Board
2016-2019 Estonian Sports and Olympics Museum, Member of the Board
2013-2019 Estonian History Museum, Member of the Advisory Council
2013-2019 National Library of Estonia, Member of the Board
2013-2018 Narva Museum Foundation, Member of the Board
2015-2018 Virumaa Museums Foundation, Chairman of the Board
2015-2017 Pärnu Museum Foundation, Chairman of the Board


About the position of Secretary General


A Secretary General is appointed to and released from office by the Government of the Republic on the proposal of the minister after hearing the opinion of the Civil Service Committee for Selection of Top Managers.

  • The Secretary General directs the work of the structural units of the ministry and manages the operations of the ministry. The Secretary General is also responsible for coordinating the activities of state authorities within the government area of the ministry.

  • The Communication Department, the Legal Affairs and Property Management Department, the General Department, the IT Department, the Financial Department and the Foreign Relations Department report directly to the Director General. The operations of the Arts Department, the Sports Department, the Cultural Heritage Department and the Cultural Diversity Department are managed by the Secretary General through undersecretaries..

  • The Secretary General appoints to and releases from office officials who are on the staff of the ministry or enters into and terminates employment contracts with employees, except for those who are appointed to and released from office by the minister.

  • The Secretary General coordinates participation in the decision-making processes of the European Union with regard to issues within the government area of the ministry

  • The Secretary General represents the ministry within the relevant limits of competence and the authorisation granted by the minister.


Last updated: 5 June 2019