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Restoration Projects

Information on the open call for restauration projects

The open call was aimed at restoring schools that operate in former manor buildings.
In the first open call of the cultural heritage programme 3,1 million Euros was allocated. Applications were submitted in the amount of 400 000 Euros to 1 million Euros.
Altogether 15 applications were submitted for total 10,2 million Euros.
Open Call based on the directive nr 142 (in Estonian) signed by the Estonian Minister of Culture on April 23rd, 2013. Open Call is now closed!

    The selection committee

    Tarvi Sits - The Chairman of the committee, Undersecretary of Ministry of Culture. 
    Peeter Nork – National Heritage Board, Head of Supervisory Department of Northern Estonia
    Helen Sooväli-Sepping – Tallinn University, senior researcher


    Jana Silashkova – Ministry of Finance, Structural and Foreign Assistance Department
    Teet Tiko – Ministry of Education and Science, Deputy Head of Vocational and Adult Education Department
    Piret Marvet – Embassy of Norway, councellor
    Ellen Mauritzen – Norwegian Directorate of Cultural Heritage, councellor


    Helen Haab
    Kais Matteus



    Grants given


    Hiiu-Suuremõisa Manor

    Project name: „Suuremõisa mõisa peahoone restaureerimine ja sisustamine“ („The restoration and furnisment of the main building of Suuremõisa manor“)
    Project description and duration: The goal of this project is to renovate and furnish the manor of Suuremõisa.
    The aim is to broaden the using opportunities of the manor, so that it would become an attractive and suitable environment for learning, working and visiting.
    The following activities are planned during renovation:
    • Exterior decoration works. The facade will be repaired and painted, fake windows, decorative rendering of corners, limestone window sills and limestone walls will be restored. The exterior staircases and balustrades will be repaired. The clock will be reconstructed.

    Hiiu-Suuremõisa mõis (foto: Jaan Vali)

    • Interior decoration works.  The central staircase and other wooden, metal and stone staircases will be restored, the props of ceiling will be removed, the ceiling construction will be strengthened, the missing window shutters will be added. Interior doors will be restored, walls, floors, ceilings and dados will be redecorated, stoves and fireplaces will be repaired as interior elements.
    • Modernizing works. Special entrance for persons using a wheelchair will be built. The entrance can be reached over a concrete pavement. A lift will be installed that goes up to all main three floors of the building. For fire compartments fire blocking door will be built. A cloakroom, toilets and a bathroom that meet modern requirements will be built. A forced ventilation system will be installed to the basement floor, cloakroom and to the first floor assembly hall. The technical equipment, the personnel rooms and furniture of the canteen and cafe block will be renewed. The water, sewerage, and string-and weak-current installations (incl. facade lighting) that have been inadequate up to now, will be modernized,
    • Activities concerning historical paintings. Ceiling paintings will be cleaned, restored and fixed to ensure their conservation,
    • Renewal of interior. Unsuitable furniture and inventory will be changed, suitable interior elements will be added (curtains, mirrors, couches etc).
    Project duration: 01.10.2013- 31.07.2015.
    Grant given: 999 379, 20 Euros, self-financing 176 361, 03 Euros
    Project promoter
    Hiiumaa Ametikool
    Suuremõisa village, Pühalepa parish, Hiiumaa 92302
    Phone: 46 94 391; 51 60 295

    Aruküla Manor


    Project name: „Aruküla mõisa peahoone (Koeru Keskkooli õppehoone) renoveerimine“ („The renovation of the main buidling of Aruküla manor (Koeru High School building)“)
    Project description and duration: The specific objective and planned outcome of the project is restored, renovated and protected cultural heritage (Aruküla manor main building – Koeru manor school building) and openness of heritage to the community and wider society and public, opened full potential of the manor as educational, cultural and community center as well as tourism attraction.

    Aruküla mõis (foto: Ivar Leidus)

    Main activities of the project will be restoration works in Aruküla manor school building (main building of the manor) and other minor services and purchases (lighting etc), which are related to the implementation of restoration works.
    As an impact of the implementation of the project Aruküla manor and its cultural heritage values will be better known and valued, Aruküla manor will be more visited and appraised; new usage functions will be added to manor building; local identity among residents will be strengthened, additional cultural and educational events will take place and are open for local community and interested visitors, local entrepreneurs will have additional income possibilities as serving events and visitors (accommodation, catering, guiding, decorating etc). Presumptions for forming Aruküla manor to become an educational, cultural, community centre and visitor attraction will be created. Awareness of local community, tourists and wider public on Aruküla manor as cultural heritage will be raised remarkably.
    Project duration 01.11.2013.-31.12.2015.
    Grant given: 954 180, 25 Euros, self-financing 168 384, 75 Euros
    Project promoter
    Koeru Municipality
    Koeru parish
    Paide tee 5, 73001 Koeru
    Phone: 384 6300

    Vääna Manor


    Project name: „Vääna mõisakooli restaureerimine“ („The restoration of Vääna manor school“)
    Project description and duration: There is a historical manor located in Harku parish, Vääna village, which nowadays operates as a manor school.
    The latter includes elementary level of six classes (approximately 90 students) and two nursery groups (30 children).
    The manor has been opened intermittently since the year 1920 and it belongs under state protection as a architectural monument.

    Vääna mõis (foto: Olavi Ruhno)

    Vääna manor together with the park surrounding it and the nearby edifices holds a special value due to its interesting cultural background and artistic heritage originating from distinct history. As a part of this project, the Manor has a broad significance to the entire Estonian cultural history. As part of this project, the valuable architectural heritage will be restored, preserved and accentuated by carrying out only essential and discrete changes while aiming for improvements that maximally meet the needs of the elementary school and the nursery. Based on the artistic importance of Vääna manor, certain rooms will be made usable for holding cultural events without interrupting the school work.
    Consequently, the objective of the project is to provide public access to, and to maintain and preserve for our next generations the historically valuable cultural heritage – Vääna manor. As a result of the project, the appreciation and use of this heritage will strengthen local community. Similarly, the project would enhance consistent and sustainable cooperation both on the domestic and international arena. Vääna manor has all the prerequisites to function as a center for the villages of the region, as a cultural and tourism object and as valuable culture center for Harku parish. At the moment, Vääna manor is primarily an educational institution, however, it can already be considered as a complex which the manor school is part of.
    Project duration 01.11.2013.-30.12.2015.
    Grant given: 1 000 000 Euros, self-financing 660 000 Euros
    Project promoter
    Harku municipality
    Ranna tee 1, Tabasalu, Harku parish, Harju county
    Phone:+ 372 600 3848

    Illuka Manor


    Project name: “Illuka mõisakooli restaureerimine“ („The restoration of Illuka manor school“)
    Project description and duration: As a result of this project, the Illuka manor school in Ida-Viru County will be restored and public access to it ensured. Within the project, indoor and facade construction works of the main building of the manor will be conducted, including renovating the electrical system, weak-current system, water and sewage system, ventilation system and indoor heating system.
    As a result of the development project, the Illuka manor complex will be become an attractive cultural tourism and vacation destination that vividly presents and responsibly preserves the historic and cultural heritage of the region.

    Illuka mõis (foto: Ilme Parik)

    In addition to the existing functionality of an educational institution, the project will enable to use the manor building for enlivening the local cultural and tourism centre. The exhibitions, theme events, different recreational possibilities planned to take place in the building and accommodation etc will be created to offer the local residents and visitors the possibility of enjoying the historical and cultural heritage of Illuka.
    Thanks to the project, the Illuka manor complex will become an exciting, authentic visiting spot that is aimed at different age groups and grasps different senses.
    Project duration 01.12.2013.-31.12.2015.
    Grant given: 145 969, 60 Euros, self-financing 155 782,40 Euros
    Project promoter
    Illuka Municipality
    Illuka village, 41204 Illuka parish, Ida-Virumaa
    Phone: + 372 332 3640

    Grants given over the period 2004-2009

    During first period of EEA and Norway Grants more than 31 individual projects and over 250 projects were supported through 3 funds – Regional development block grant, NGO fund and Transfer of knowledge fund. All the funds allocated for Estonia were committed in the amount of 32,76 million Euros.
    Following manor schools were funded from the EEA and Norway grants:
    • Viru-Nigula municipality  „The development of the Vasta manor complex into a regional education and tourism centre“. Grant 477 634 Euros. Project duration 05.05.08-29.01.10
    • Kõpu municipality „Renovation of the Kõpu manor house for the preservation and display of the historical mille“. Grant 926 183 Euros. Project duration 25.06.08.-21.02.12.
    • Olustvere School of Service and Rural Economics „The preservation and expansion of the potential uses of the Olustvere manor complex as an architectural monument“. Grant 1 212 043 Euros. Project duration 05.05.08.-11.06.10.
    • Väike-Maarja municipality „Reconstruction of Kiltsi Manor School“. Grant 1 157 129 Euros. Project duration 05.05.08.-12.11.11.
    • Haanja municipality „Renovation of the northern wing of Rogosi“. Grant 542 543 Euros. Project duration 05.05.08.-09.07.09.
    • Koigi municipality „Koigi manor school as an upholder of architectural and cultural heritage“. Grant 959 999 Euros. Project duration 05.05.08.-28.07.10.
    • Türi municipality „The restoration of the Laupa manor school“. Grant 1 109 813 Euros. Project duration 23.04.08.-28.04.11.
    • Puurmani municipality „Puurmani manor as a tourist object“. Grant 1 002 024 Euros. Project duration 30.12.08.-21.02.12.
    • Väätsa municipality „The creation of prerequisites for the development of the primary school and visitor centre for the Väätsa Rural Municipality through the development of the Väätsa manor“. Grant 1 002 720 Euros. Project duration 05.03.09.-25.11.11.


    Last updated: 7 January 2015