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Predefined project "Active and Attractive Manor School"

Project name: “Active and Attractive Manor School”
Project coordinator: Pille Epner, Museum of Estonian Architecture
Project partner: The Association of Estonian Manor Schools
Project duration: 2013-2015
Aim of the project: In addition to restoration the EEA Grants Programme “Manor Schools Preservation Through Use” focuses also on ensuring the sustainability of manor schools by offering various opportunities to come up with activities that could maintain the importance of the manor as being the center of the community.
The aim of the predefined project is to support these activities by raising the awareness of the value of the heritage, different ways of using it and by making the development of collective framework possible through trainings, workshops, conferences and the creation of common (visual) identity. The second goal of the project is to reveal the results of the project to the public by an exhibition and a publication that will introduce the restored manor schools.
Activities during the project:
  • Training programme “Mõisakoolide arendamine avatud külastuskeskusteks” (“The development of the manor schools into an open visitor centre”). The development of manors for the headmasters of the manor schools, municipality officials connected to the manor, members of NGOs and entrepreneurs. Duration: February-October 2014
  • Training programme for the teachers (including deputy heads) of manor schools, 2014-2015
  • Visual identity and collective marketing of manor school framework, 2014-2015
  • Manor school conference, Spring 2015
  • Exhibition for restored manor schools. Opening in June 2015 at Museum of Estonian Architecture
  • Publication for restored manor schools. Autumn 2015
Project coordinator
Pille Epner
Museum of Estonian Architecture
Phone +372 6257004
Last updated: 16 June 2014