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13.07.2017|Ministry of Culture

Presidency sport conference seeks to reconsider the role of coaches in society

A two-day conference called "The Role of Sport Coaches in Society. Adding Value to People’s Lives” will start in Tallinn today. The topics under discussion include the status and responsibility of coaches, whether the training provided to coaches corresponds to the needs of today’s society,...
13.07.2017|Ministry of Culture

International conference in Tartu focuses on access to cultural heritage in the digital era

Today and tomorrow European experts in the field of cultural heritage are gathering in Tartu to discuss how to establish a balance between heritage conservation and keeping pace with digital developments. The international conference dedicated to the Presidency of the Council of the EU provides...
Euroopa Liidu ja liikmesriikide lipud
12.07.2017|Ministry of Culture

In Tallinn, European Union sport leaders will discuss the role of coaches in society

A two-day meeting of European Union sport directors gets underway in Tallinn today, which will focus on the role of coaches in society. The sport leaders of the Member States will also discuss how to better involve sport organisations in the development of European Union sport policy, and what the...
Näituse "Kahe-vahel" avamine Euroopa Parlamendi hoones Brüsselis, foto: Tauno Tõhk
11.07.2017|Ministry of Culture

Minister of Culture Indrek Saar opened a contemporary art exhibition at the European Parliament

Today, Minister of Culture Indrek Saar, opened an exhibition of contemporary Estonian art entitled "Intermedial" at the European Parliament building in Brussels. The exhibition is dedicated to the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Curated by Marten Esko, it will be open...
Euroopa Parlamendihoone
11.07.2017|Ministry of Culture

Ministers Mailis Reps and Indrek Saar present the Estonian presidency's priorities for education and culture in the European Parliament

Today, on 11 July, the Ministers Mailis Reps and Indrek Saar will be in Brussels to present the European Parliament’s Committee on Culture and Education the Estonian EU presidency priorities for education, youth, culture, audiovisual policy and sports. According to the Minister of Culture Indrek...
Kultuuriminister Indrek Saare ettekanne Euroopa Parlamendis. Foto Kultuuriministeerium
11.07.2017|Ministry of Culture

Indrek Saar, the Estonian Minister of Culture, spoke in the European Parliament about the youth song festival, e-Estonia and the priorities of the Estonian presidency in fields of culture and sport

Today, in Brussels, in the Committee of Culture and Education of the European Parliament, the Minister of Culture Indrek Saar introduced the main themes related to culture, audiovisual policy and the field of sport of the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU. Minister of Culture Indrek...
Kultuuriminister Indrek Saar
07.07.2017|Ministry of Culture

Saar: The state’s efforts to integrate society have borne fruit

At a meeting yesterday on the 6th of July, the government approved the 2016 report and planned activities for 2017 to 2020 for the Integrating Estonia 2020 development plan in the field of integration. According to Minister of Culture Indrek Saar, the 2016 report on the development plan in...
 E STuudio noortekoor
05.07.2017|Ministry of Culture

Culture news from England: The E STuudio Youth Choir will perform at the renowned Cheltenham and Lichfield Music Festivals

The E STuudio Youth Choir will be on tour in England from July 5th to July 10th. Today, they will be performing in London at the opening ceremony for Estonia’s Presidency of the Council of European Union in the Holland Park Orangery. In addition to appearances at the well-known Cheltenham and...
Kultuuriminister Indrek Saar tänab peolisi XII noorte laulu- ja tantsupeo peolisi. Foto: Siim Lõvi, Aurelia Minev/ERR
04.07.2017|Ministry of Culture

Indrek Saar: The Youth Song and Dance Celebration was a strong and powerful affirmation of the vitality of Estonian culture

The XII Youth Song and Dance Celebration “Here I’ll Stay” just concluded in Tallinn. Minister of Culture Indrek Saar thanked the participants and organisers at the end of the celebration for the success of this major event.   In his brief address under the festival’s arched stage at the end...
Direktiiviuuenduste sihiks on võrdsemate tingimuste loomine EL meediateenuste turul tegutsejate jaoks. Foto: (
03.07.2017|Ministry of Culture

Estonia is leading the renewal of EU media services regulation

For the Ministry of Culture, the weightiest topic of the Estonian Presidency is the thorough renewal of regulation in the area of audiovisual media services, which has an impact on all member states. Read more about what amendments are in store and on the nature of the process in the Ministry of...