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16.11.2004|Ministry of Culture

Art Year 2005 concentrates on young people

The Art Year Celebration Committee, formed by the Minister of Culture Urmas Paet, took a decision in their first meeting that in the frames of the Art Year up to 16 years old people will have a free entrance to the Art Museum. Other Art Year events will be planned within a month.The Minister of...
02.05.2002|Ministry of Culture

Report to the Culture Committee of the European Parliament, March 2002

ESTONIAN THEATRE SYSTEMIn the year 2001 there were approximately 30 larger and smaller theatre companies in Estonia. Theatres are in general divided into state theatres, municipal theatres and private theatres.In 2001 there were 18 Estonian theatres and theatre companies that received support from...
30.04.2002|Ministry of Culture

Action plan of the Government implementing Cultural Policy in the near future

Action plan of the Government implementing Cultural Policy in the near future for Estonian theatre, cinema, music, fine arts and architecture, literature and publishing, libraries, museums and national heritage, folk culture, international relations in the field of culture and training of the...
29.04.2002|Ministry of Culture

The fundamentals of the Estonian Cultural Policy

The Estonian national cultural policy follows the obligation stemming from our Constitution to maintain the Estonian nation and its culture, thus its main objective is to preserve our cultural traditions. Next to the Estonian traditions, our cultural policy is aimed at supporting the cultural...