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25.09.2015|Ministry of Culture

Cultural budget 2016: integration, renewing theatre houses and sports facilities, creation of the film fund

The cultural budget for 2016 agreed in the government coalition will bring about important investments into cultural assets, support for launching the Russian language TV channel ETV+ and as a novelty the creation of a support fund for films produced in Estonia on foreign capital. On the...
Kultuuriminister Indrek Saar
24.09.2015|Ministry of Culture

Saar: Minimum wage of cultural professionals with higher education will be raised in 2016

The 2016 national budget agreed in the government coalition will raise both the minimum wage of cultural professionals with higher education and the wage fund of coaches belonging to higher professional category by 10 %. Minister of Culture Indrek Saar explained that the wage increase agreed of...
18.09.2015|Ministry of Culture

Upcoming Day of Nations celebrates cultural associations of minorities with debates held on integration

On Thursday, 24 September the Day of Estonian Nations is celebrated to recognize the minorities living in Estonia, as well as their efforts and eagerness to preserve their language and culture. Already this weekend, 19-20 September many cultural associations of minorities living in Estonia will...
14.09.2015|Ministry of Culture

Valk: The third Tallinn Architecture Biennale encourages creative thinking and looks beyond the boundaries of the specialty

Tallinn Architecture Biennale (TAB), which has opened its third day, introduces architectural culture, tackles important topics in architecture, and looks into the future. This time, the title of the Biennale is “Self-Driven City” and events have been organised for the senior specialists of the...
09.09.2015|Ministry of Culture

Saar: I will initiate a discussion over the opportunities to expand adopting Estonian citizenship

The Minister of Culture Indrek Saar sent a letter to partners and stakeholder organisations today, on September 9, which notifies of the plan to initiate a discussion over the additions to the implementation plan of the sectoral development plan Integrating Estonia 2020 for 2016-2020. The further...
Libraries Adviser Ülle Talihärm
04.09.2015|Ministry of Culture

Talihärm: the new Storage Copy Act improves the storage and availability of publications

The Ministry of Culture’s Libraries Adviser Ülle Talihärm explained that whereas with the Legal Deposit Act currently in force traditional publications such as printed publications, audiovisuals and electronic publications were collected, then in the future digitally created publications will...
From 5 to 9 August, XXXII West Coast Estonian Days took place in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.
04.09.2015|Ministry of Culture

West Coast Estonian Days: the greatest concern of the Vancouver Estonian community is the reduction of the language skills among the youth

The representatives of the Ministry of Culture met with the representatives of the Vancouver Estonian Society at the West Coast Estonian Days held in Whistler, Canada on Friday, 7 August. Opportunities how the Estonian state could support the Estonians of the west coast of Canada were under...
Avignon festival poster
07.07.2015|Ministry of Culture

Theatre NO99 to be the first Estonian theatre included in the main programme of the international theatre festival Avignon

The Ministry of Culture supports the participation of Theatre NO99 in the Avignon festival, one of the most important performing arts events in the world, with 13,570 euros from the “Estonian Culture in the World” grant programme. The Minister of Culture Indrek Saar and Undersecretary of Arts...
The Estonian Open Air Museum was awarded one of the main awards in the category of education and training projects and increasing awareness for a training programme for owners of rural buildings
19.06.2015|Government Office

The Open Air Museum has been awarded Grand Prix of the highest heritage conservation prize in the European Union

The 2015 gala ceremony of the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards was held on the evening of 11 June in the Norwegian capital of Oslo. The Estonian Open Air Museum was awarded one of the main awards in the category of education and training projects and increasing...
EIM 2015
17.06.2015|Ministry of Culture

Integration survey shows increased interaction between different nationalities in Estonia

The results of the survey “Monitoring of Integration in Estonian Society in 2015” published on June 11, indicate that the interaction between the different nationalities of the Estonian population has increased compared to five years ago. The Estonian language skills of the Russian-speaking...