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ROKi president Thomas Bach, kultuuriminister Indrek Saar ja EL volinik Tibor Navracsics kultuuri- ja spordinõukogu pressikonverentsil Brüsselis. Foto: EL Nõukogu
05.12.2017|Ministry of Culture

During the Presidency we reached agreements related to both culture and sport that will shape the future

The Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU is drawing to a close; only slightly more than a month is left for Estonia to play this very responsible leading role. Minister of Culture Indrek Saar explains below what the Estonian Presidency achieved in the field of culture and sport, and what...
Konverents "Pictured Futures", 27.-28. novembril Tallinnas. Fotol Barak Berkowitz, Director of Operations and Strategy, MIT Media Lab. Foto: Rene Riisalu
30.11.2017|Ministry of Culture

Keeping pace with the digital revolution will ensure the vitality of the European audiovisual landscape

A two-day international visionary conference, organised at the initiative of the Estonian Ministry of Culture, concluded on Tuesday, 28 November. At the event, experts from the audiovisual and film spheres, policymakers and visionaries discussed how the European media and film industry can retain...
29.11.2017|Ministry of Culture

A Capital of Culture will come from Estonia again in 2024

One of the European Capitals of Culture in 2024 will again be from Estonia. Today, on November 29th, the Ministry of Culture and Association of Estonian Cities announced a competition to find this city.  In 2024, a total of three cities will bear the title of European Capital of Culture: one...
Estonian Presidency Conference "Pictured Futures"
26.11.2017|Ministry of Culture

Developments of the film and audiovisual field discussed at the visionary conference in Tallinn

Tomorrow, on 27 November, representatives of film and audiovisual field, experts, policymakers and visionaries will gather in Tallinn for a two-day international visionary conference to discuss topical issues of the European media and film industry. The conference is organised within the framework...
EL kultuuri- ja spordinõukogu pressikonverents. Vasakult paremale: Rahvusvahelise Olümpiakomitee president Thomas Bach, kultuuriminister Indrek Saar ja volinik Tibor Navracsics. Foto: EL Nõukogu
21.11.2017|Ministry of Culture

Culture and sports ministers of the European Union: culture must be accessible and coaches valued in society

Today, 21 November, the second day of the two-day meeting of the Education, Youth, Culture and Sports Council that focused on cultural and sports issues concluded in Brussels. Chaired by Estonian Minister for Culture Indrek Saar, the ministers adopted conclusions on promoting access to culture via...
EL hariduse-, noorte-, kultuuri- ja spordinõukogu, mai 2017. Foto: Tauno Tõhk
21.11.2017|Ministry of Culture

Minister Indrek Saar will chair the meeting of the Education, Youth, Culture and Sports Council in Brussels

Today, 21 November, the two-day meeting of the Education, Youth, Culture and Sports Council will continue in Brussels. The Estonian Minister for Culture Indrek Saar will head the meeting of culture and sports ministers to approve conclusions on on access to culture via digital means and on the...
Euroopa lipud. Foto Georges Boulougouris, Euroopa Komisjon
20.11.2017|Ministry of Culture

Ministers Indrek Saar and Mailis Reps will chair the meeting of the Education, Youth, Culture and Sports Council in Brussels

Today, 20 November, the two-day meeting of the Education, Youth, Culture and Sports Council will begin in Brussels. For the first day, today, Estonian Minister for Education and Research Mailis Reps will chair the sitting of education and youth affairs ministers to approve the conclusions on smart...
Euroopa Liidu liikmesriikide lipud Euroopa Komisjoni hoone ees. Foto: Euroopa Komisjon, Georges Boulougouris
15.11.2017|Ministry of Culture

Topical issues of integration policy discussed at the meeting of the European Integration Network in Tallinn

Today, on the 15 of November, as part of the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, European integration policymakers and experts met in Tallinn to discuss topical issues and share best practices. The pan-European integration network that meets twice a year includes...
Guido van Nispen. Foto: Guido van Nispen
08.11.2017|Ministry of Culture

Guido Van Nispen: Europe needs to find a way to work with superplatforms without losing local skills and talent but leveraging those with the new opportunities

What are the biggest challenges facing Europe in the audiovisual field? What needs to be done  when  we have talent, content and industry but revenues tilt towards American platforms? What do we have and what are we missing? These and other current issues are discussed at the Estonian EU...
Mati Kaalep, Adviser for the Audiovisual Field at the Estonian Ministry of Culture and one of the organisers of the visionary conference. Photo: Virge Viertek
08.11.2017|Ministry of Culture

Key issues and future prospects in the audiovisual field to be discussed at the Estonian Presidency visionary conference in Tallinn

Just like Skype changed telecom, Uber the taxi and Spotify the music industry, the audiovisual sector will most likely experience an impact on the similar scale in the near future. In late November, leading experts and visionaries from the audiovisual sector will gather in Tallinn to discuss where...