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Paavo Nõgene. Foto: Kultuuriministeerium
26.03.2018|Ministry of Culture

Secretary General of the Estonian Ministry of Culture Mr Paavo Nõgene moves on to head publicly listed company Tallink Grupp

Mr Paavo Nõgene, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Culture has announced his resignation to head a publicly listed company  AS Tallink Grupp. Secretary General Nõgene will remain in his current capacity in the Ministry of Culture until 30 April 2018.   Mr Nõgene has held the...
20.03.2018|Ministry of Culture

The submission of proposals for national cultural stipends has started

As of today, the Ministry of Culture is accepting proposals for the granting of national cultural stipends. The stipends are primarily intended for supporting studies abroad, and when possible, significant cultural projects and creative commissions as well. Up to 20 stipends can be granted per...
The digitalisation of the Estonian National Museum’s rug collection; Kristjan Raba; Head of the Exhibition House and Joel Aljes, the Gardener of Raadi, laying out a rug, ERM Fk 2936:369, Eesti Rahva Muuseum,
12.03.2018|Ministry of Culture

A third of Estonia’s cultural heritage to be available digitally in five years

The Ministry of Culture has completed an action plan for the digitalisation of Estonia’s cultural heritage. The objective of the action plan is to make a third of the cultural heritage stored in our memory institutions available digitally by 2023, and to update the infrastructure for the storage of...
Rain Lõhmus ja Indrek Saar
07.03.2018|Ministry of Culture

The winners of the 2017 Culture Friend of the Year awards were announced

Today, Minister of Culture, Indrek Saar recognised the businesses and private individuals who contributed to the field of culture during 2017. The Culture Friend laureates are Utilitas and Kristjan Rahu, Rain Lõhmus, Armin Karu, Eva and Bengt Heyman, as well as Turid Farbregd. A total of 30...
ERSO ja Paavo Järvi
09.02.2018|Ministry of Culture

Grants totalling €289,000 to be provided for the commissioning of new musical compositions and for young musicians

Minister of Culture Indrek Saar approved the results of two application rounds in the field of music, whereby grants totalling €289,000 will be provided for commissioning and publishing new music, as well as organising music competitions. The largest of the application rounds is titled “...
Ivar Stukolkin ja Tõnu Pääsuke
08.02.2018|Ministry of Culture

Estonian National Lifetime Achievements Awards for Sports presented to Ivar Stukolkin and Tõnu Pääsuke

At its meeting today, 8 February, the Estonian government decided to confirm the proposal of the Estonian Sports Council and present the National Lifetime Achievement Awards for Sports. The lifetime achievement award is presented to people whose long-term contribution to Estonian sport has been...
Aino Pervik, Anu Raud ja Merle Karusoo
08.02.2018|Ministry of Culture

The winners of the Estonian National Lifetime Achievement Award for Culture are Aino Pervik, Anu Raud and Merle Karusoo

Today, on 8 February 2018, the Estonian government approved the recipients of the National Lifetime Achievement Award for Culture nominated by the relevant committee. Awards for long-term distinguished activity go to author Aino Pervik, theatrical director Merle Karusoo, and textile artist Anu Raud...
Photo: Ardo Kaljuvee
31.01.2018|Ministry of Culture

The best permanent exhibition of 2017 was organised by the Estonian Theatre and Music Museum

On January 19, the Museum Council of the Ministry of Culture announced the winners of the Museum Rats in ten categories at the Estonian annual museum awards gala, which took place at the Kumu Art Museum. The award for the best permanent exhibition and the big Museum Rat went to the Estonian Theatre...
31.01.2018|Ministry of Culture

Invitation to the info day „European Capital of Culture 2024“

In 2024, one of Estonia’s cities has again the possibility to carry the title „European Capital of Culture“ together with one of the cities in Austria. Estonian Ministry of Culture together with the Association of Estonian Cities announced the official call for submission of applications on 29th of...
Euroopa Nõukogu kultuuriministrite konverents toimub Davosis 21.-22. jaanuarini 2018. Foto: FOC Conference Service
20.01.2018|Ministry of Culture

Minister of Culture Saar in Davos: more informed development of the built environment creates new cultural value for the society

On Thursday 20 January, Minister of Culture Indrek Saar will start a visit to Switzerland, in the course of the which the minister of culture will participate in the Conference of European Ministers of Culture and the World Economic Forum. He will also open a concert in Zurich that is dedicated to...