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Taaniel Raudsepp will start work as the Undersecretary of the Arts of the Ministry of Culture

1. April 2020 - 14:28
Taaniel Raudsepp
Taaniel Raudsepp

Taaniel Raudsepp will start work as the Undersecretary of the Arts of the Ministry of Culture. The competition for finding the undersecretary was conducted by the Civil Service Committee for Selection of Top Managers, which operates within the Government Office and according to the proposal of which, the Minister of Culture, Tõnis Lukas, appointed the new undersecretary. 

The Undersecretary of Arts of the Ministry of Culture is responsible for the development of the fields of architecture and design, creative industries, the audio-visual field, performing arts, literature, as well as the fields of the arts and music. Taaniel Raudsepp will start work on the 15th of May.

"The strength of Estonian culture, for me, lies in its extraordinary sectoral diversity. We have top performers and powerful cultural phenomena in all fields. Good quality architecture, design, film, literature, art, music and theatre should be a part of everybody’s everyday life. Especially in difficult times. I hope to help to stand up for this diversity, in my position, in simpler and more difficult times", said Taaniel Raudsepp

Taaniel Raudsepp has studied comparative cultural theory and sociology at the Estonian School of Humanities and has acquired a Bachelor's degree in photography at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Raudsepp was since the year 2014 a member of the board of the art hall, until being appointed as the Undersecretary of the Arts. He has previously worked in the private sector, practicing as an active artist and creative manager in developing e-learning solutions. He has been a risk manager at Hansapank and lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

Taaniel Raudsepp is the laureate of the 2014 Language Deed for the Estonian language e-learning program "Keeleklikk", as well as the recipient of the 2012 annual award of the Estonian Cultural Endowment and the laureate of the 2012 Baltic Assembly Art Award.

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