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The submission of proposals for national cultural stipends has started

20. March 2018 - 13:41

As of today, the Ministry of Culture is accepting proposals for the granting of national cultural stipends. The stipends are primarily intended for supporting studies abroad, and when possible, significant cultural projects and creative commissions as well.

Up to 20 stipends can be granted per year, and the amount of each is €2,300.

The proposal for the granting of cultural stipends is made to the minister of culture by the cultural stipend committee and the directive is signed by Minister of Culture Indrek Saar. Recently priority has been given to supporting MA or PhD studies that last an entire academic year at a foreign school of higher education or research institute and this year the same priority applies.

Stipends may be granted to physical or legal persons, as well as institutions. Proposals may be submitted by creative associations, local governments and other legal persons or institutions, if their articles of association specify cultural or education activities. Physical persons cannot propose themselves.

Proposals should be submitted on the application form available here. The applications must be digitally signed and received by 23 April 2018 at or the postal address, Ministry of Culture, Suur-Karja 23, 15076 Tallinn.

More information about the cultural stipends is available on the Ministry of Culture website.

More information
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Arts Department, Ministry of Culture
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