Report to the Culture Committee of the European Parliament, March 2002

02.05.2002 | 00:00

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In the year 2001 there were approximately 30 larger and smaller theatre companies in Estonia. Theatres are in general divided into state theatres, municipal theatres and private theatres.
In 2001 there were 18 Estonian theatres and theatre companies that received support from the state budget: Estonian National Opera that was a public law agency and four state subsidised repertory theatres in Tallinn and four repertory theatre in other cities (Rakvere, Tartu, Viljandi, Pärnu), also two municipal theatres: Tallinn City Theatre and Kuressaare City Theatre in Saaremaa. In addition seven private theatres received support from the state: four in Tallinn and 3 small companies in the region of Northwest Estonia – Jõhvi and Narva.
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