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On the occasion of Pan-Finno-Ugric Day, Minister of Culture Indrek Saar sent greetings to the Ministers of Culture of Finland and Hungary

20. October 2018 - 13:30
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Today, 20 October, Pan-Finno-gric Day is being celebrated in appreciation of the culture and languages of the Finno-Ugric peoples. Many cultural events dedicated to kindred peoples will be taking place throughout Estonia. On the occasion of Pan-Finno-Ugric Day, Minister of Culture Indrek Saar congratulated his Finnish and Hungarian colleagues, and wished them every inspiration in the promotion of cultural cooperation between the three countries.

In the message he sent to Sampo Terho, the Finnish Minister of Culture, and Prof. Dr Miklós Kásler, the Hungarian Minister of Culture, Minister Indrek Saar said that Kindred Peoples Day is one of the most iconic symbols of Finno-Ugric cooperation, which emphasises the linguistic and cultural closeness of the three countries and the importance of collaboration at the national level.

“As we celebrate centenary year of the Republic of Estonia, I am especially pleased to highlight the importance of the kindred peoples movement as our common linguistic and cultural foundation – our roots,” said Minister Saar in his missive. This year, we are also celebrating the European Year of Cultural Heritage, which in turn provides a good opportunity to promote the appreciation of Finno-Ugric languages and culture as a part of the Europe’s rich and diverse cultural legacy, as well as the importance and value of the culture of small peoples in the world more broadly.”

The main concert of the Pan-Finno-Ugric Day will take place today, 20 September, at the Vaba Lava in the Telliskivi Creative City, Tallinn, and tomorrow, 21 September, at the Estonian National Museum in Tartu.

On Thursday, 25 October, an international conference entitled "100 Years of Finno-Ugric Independence" will take place at the National Museum. And on Friday, 26 October, an interim conference of the World Congress of Finno-Ugric Peoples will take place in Värska.

The entire programme of the Pan-Finno-Ugric Day is available on the MTÜ Fenno-Ugria Asutuse website and Fenno-Ugria Facebook page.  

The tradition of celebrating the Pan-Finno-Ugric Day started in 1931 and was revived in 1988. Since 2011, Pan-Finno-Ugric Day celebrated on the third Saturday in October, has been an Estonian national holiday.


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