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The nomination of candidates for the culture and sports awards of the Republic of Estonia has begun

6. December 2018 - 9:30
Aino Pervik. Foto: Annika Haas
Aino Pervik. Foto: Annika Haas

The Ministry of Culture is accepting nominations for the culture and sports awards of the Republic of Estonia. Candidates can be nominated until 10 January 2019.

Three culture awards will be given for outstanding long-term creative activities; five awards will be given for outstanding works that have been exhibited to the public in 2018. Nominations for the culture awards can be submitted by creative associations, former recipients of the awards, local governments and other legal persons, which according to their articles of association are active in the fields of culture and education.

Two sports awards will be given for lifetime achievement and six awards for the results achieved in 2018. Nominations can be made by ministries, local governments, sports organisations and other legal persons and institutions whose articles of association or statutes include sports-related activities.

An application form, which is available on the Ministry of Culture website should be submitted for candidates for both the culture and sports awards.. The signed applications must arrive at the Ministry of Culture (Suur-Karja 23, 15076 Tallinn) by 10. January 2019, or be signed digitally and sent to

 As is customary, the winners in both categories will be announced in February, before the celebration of the Anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. In 2018, the lifetime achievement awards in culture went to author Aino Pervik (in photo), Anu Raud, a textile artist, academician and Professor Emeritus, and theatrical director Merle Karusoo. The lifetime achievement awards in sports went to Ivar Stukolkin, swimmer, Olympic winner and sports figure and Tõnu Pääsuke, a meritorious biathlon coach and developer of sports. A list of all the winners of the culture and sports award winners can be found online.

The presentation of the culture awards is regulated by the State Cultural Awards and Grants Act and the sports awards are presented on the basis of a government regulation based on the Sport Act.  

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