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Minister of Culture Indrek Saar to visit Denmark

18. June 2018 - 14:52
Kultuuriminister Indrek Saar. Foto Kadri Purje
Kultuuriminister Indrek Saar. Foto Kadri Purje

Today, Minister of Culture Indrek Saar will start a visit to the Kingdom of Denmark. In the course of the four-day visit, Minister Saar will meet with Mette Bock, the Danish Minister of Culture, visit several cultural institutions and participate in a debate at the Danish opinion festival.

During the four days, the minister of culture plans to have several meetings related to cultural cooperation and spatial design, as well as film, sports and integration. For example, the minister will be meeting with representatives of Danish public broadcasting and will visit the World Culture Centre in Copenhagen, in order to familiarise himself with Danish experiences related to the promotion of cultural diversity and access in society.   

“Denmark has long-term experience in cultural and sports organisation as well as the building of a cohesive society,” said Minister of Culture Indrek Saar. “For example, Danish TV production are well-known throughout the world, and Estonians also love Danish TV series. We have much to learn from the Danes,” Saar added.

On Saturday, 16 June, Minister of Culture Indrek Saar with meet with Mette Bock, the Danish Minister of Culture, to discuss cultural cooperation, and also with Mikael Höysti, head of the Department for Culture and Resources at the Nordic Council of MinistersAt his meeting with Claus Ladegaard, CEO of the Danish Film Institute, and the representatives of film production companies, the minister will be accompanied by Edith Sepp, the head of the Estonian Film Institute.

The topics to be covered during the discussions with Mette Toubourg, the head of the Culture Department of the Copenhagen City Government, will be culture and sport in urban spaces, based on the example of Copenhagen. And local urban space projects will also be visited.

The visit will conclude with meetings with representatives of the Danish Ministry of Culture, the National Olympic Committee of Denmark and the Team Danmark sports organisation.

Just like in Estonia, opinion festivals are also held in Denmark. On Friday, 15 June, Minister Saar will participate in a panel discussion called the Democratic Potential of Democracy Festivals, and on Sunday, 17 June, Saar will attend a performance titled What is Democracy? by the Estonian Forum Theatre that will be followed by a discussion at a Nordic Council of Ministers forum.  

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