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Minister of Culture Indrek Saar is starting his visit to Armenia and Georgia

11. June 2018 - 16:50
Grigor Narekatshi „Nutulaulude raamatu“ tõlge eesti keelde, tõlkija Peeter Volkonski. TLÜ Kirjastuselt. Foto: Kultuuriministeerium
Grigor Narekatshi „Nutulaulude raamatu“ tõlge eesti keelde, tõlkija Peeter Volkonski. TLÜ Kirjastuselt. Foto: Kultuuriministeerium

Today, Minister of Culture Indrek Saar will start his visit to Armenia and Georgia.  In the course of the three-day trip, he will meet with Armenian Minister of Culture Lilit Makunc and Georgian Minister of Culture Mihheil Giorgadze. He will also attend concerts by the Estonian State Symphony Orchestra (ERSO) conducted by maestro Neeme Järvi, to celebrate the centenary of the Republic of Estonia in these countries.

“This year is an iconic one for Estonia, as well as Armenia and Georgia, because all three countries are celebrating the centenaries of their independence,” said Minister of Culture Indrek Saar. “We have had good and strong cultural relations with both countries and there is much to celebrate and much to learn from each other as we build our futures based on democratic values,” Saar added.

At today’s meeting with Armenian Minister of Culture Lilit Makunc in Yerevan, Estonian-Armenian cultural cooperation will be discussed. Thereafter, Saar will visit the TUMO IT-centre in Yerevan, participate in the presentation of Grigor Narekatsi’s Book of Lamentations at the Yerevan Brusov State University, which will also be attended by Peeter Volkonski, who has translated the work into Estonian.

In the evening, Minister Saar will make the opening remarks at the ERSO concert conducted by the honorary chief conductor Neeme Järvi at the Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall. The minister will also present a letter of thanks to Armenian composer Stepan Rostomyan for his contribution to the promotion of Estonian-Armenian cultural relations.

On Wednesday, June 13th, Minister Indrek Saar will meet with his Georgian colleague, Minister of Culture Mihheil Giorgadze in Tbilisi. The ministers will discuss cultural cooperation. On Tuesday, meetings will occur with the several cultural figures and representatives of various Georgian cultural organisations, led by producer and director Rezo Gabriadze. The visit to Georgia will also culminate with an ERSO concert directed by maestro Järvi at the Kakhidze Music Center in Tbilisi.

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