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Minister of Culture Indrek Saar: the cultural policy foundation document presented to the Government has resulted in summary of activity report for its first year of 2014

17. June 2015 - 16:58
Ministry of Culture
Ministry of Culture

During today’s meeting of the Government of the Republic, the Minister of Culture Indrek Saar introduced the principles of shaping and implementing the cultural policy as well as the first 2014 report of the document “The general principles of cultural policy until 2020” establishing area-specific priorities. The Minister of Culture will present the summary to the Cultural Affairs Committee on 25 May and during the Riigikogu plenary session on 10 June.

“The objective of the general principles of cultural policy until 2020 is to shape a society valuing creativity by promoting Estonian national identity and cultural memory. We must conserve and create favourable conditions for participating in cultural life for the representatives of all nationalities living in Estonia,” Minister of Culture Indrek Saar said. “As this is only the first summary of a period comprising of six years, it would be premature to highlight each and every achievement but we have definitely received good feedback from area-specific representatives and partner organisations as well as from all ministries. I hope that the upcoming discussion in the Cultural Affairs Committee and the plenary session will be as substantial,” Saar added.

The foundation document of the cultural policy was approved in the Riigikogu on 12 February 2014 and several of its processes have been implemented: performing arts institutions and museums are being reorganised into foundations and a solution has been found for providing health insurance for freelance creative persons. The principles for including external resources for developing the area of culture have also been developed with the objective of strengthening the competitiveness of creative entrepreneurship, developing IT services, supporting integration and investing into a cultural infrastructure supporting tourism and regional development. The technical aspects of implementing the general principles of cultural policy have been established in the development plan and the work plan of the Ministry of Culture.

“The general principles of cultural policy until 2020” updates and complements the previous general principles of the cultural policy document adopted in the Riigikogu in 1998 with several significant provisions regarding the internationalisation and export of culture as well as the creative industries, the participation of Estonia in international cooperation and the impacts and trends resulting from the development of technology. The main focus of the foundation document is, however, on setting new priorities in the area of arts, cultural journalism and media, conserving and protecting cultural values and ensuring cultural diversity. Upon preparing the document, numerous area-specific representatives and partner organisations were consulted to reach as broad as possible consensus for shaping state decisions and cultural policy until 2020.

The Riigikogu accepted the general principles of cultural policy until 2020 on 12 February 2014.
The document of the general principles of cultural policy until 2020 and the 2014 summary of the foundation document can be found HERE.

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