Minister of Culture: The brightest star of the European museum sphere shone in Estonia

26.06.2014 | 23:06

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2014-05-18 Last night, the European Museum of the Year was nominated in Tallinn – Masumiyet Müzesi (Musem of Innocence) in Istanbul, Turkey. According to the Estonian Minister of Culture Urve Tiidus, the fact that the event took place in Estonia is a recognition of our museum scene. “To take the theme of this year’s Museum Night as inspiration, I would say that the brightest star in the European museum sphere shone last night when the Masumiyet Müzesi, founded by the Nobelist Orhan Pamuk, was declared the European Museum of the Year,” says Minister Tiidus. “Of the Estonian museums that applied for the same prize, the Seaplane Harbour received a special mention from the jury for its high level of professionalism. We are very happy for this recognition, because this museum really is exciting and inspiring, which is proved by the positive feedback from visitors,” the minister adds. “Estonia had the honour of hosting the annual conference and gala of the most significant, innovative and inspiring museums in Europe for a whole week. The event was organised by the Kumu Art Museum and included top specialists from the best European museums – this is a worthy recognition of the Estonian museum scene as a whole. Neither should we underestimate the fact that in 2008 it was the Kumu that received the European Museum of the Year award,” notes Urve Tiidus. The minister is convinced that museums have a definite place in society and that they still stand their ground in the surrounding torrent of information. “Modern technology gives us excellent possibilities to be part of the world without stepping out of the door. It is interesting that virtual progress has not decreased people’s interest in museums. Quite to the contrary – the number of museum-goers is rising in the world. And I don’t think that it is because people are bored at home sometimes, but rather because museums are fascinating and are becoming more and more attractive.” During the week, Tallinn hosted the annual conference of the European Museum Forum and the award ceremony of the European Museum of the Year. One of the highlights of the Museum Week was Museum Night, an event that took place across Estonia for the sixth time and brought extraordinary numbers of both Estonian- and Russian-speaking inhabitants to more than 140 museums that participated in the programme. Many of those museums were also open on International Museum Day.

Katrin Arvisto

Press Officer