English-language periodical about Estonian art gets renewal

29.09.2021 | 14:04

The Ministry of Culture has signed a 5-year agreement with the Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) to publish an international periodical about Estonian art in English. The first updated version of the periodical will be published in 2022.
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“The goal is to create a periodical that can provide the world's art audience with insight into Estonian art. A carefully planned and inclusive work method is important for the editors, which enables us to work effectively with Estonian artists and art institutions to ensure that the periodical represents the Estonian art scene more broadly. The CCA has been introducing Estonian artists internationally since its founding, and we have previous media experience. We hope that the periodical will finds its place among international publications. When developing the idea, we took account of modern means of communication and changes in reading habits over time, and therefore, a large part of the periodical is available online,” said Kaarin Kivirähk, the Editor-in-Chief of the new periodical, and the CCA’s Communication Manager.

To date, the Ministry of Culture has ordered the publication of art information from the non-profit Estonian Institute, which publishes a magazine called Estonian Art. To renew the publication The Ministry of Culture organized a design competition to create a modern art publication that would be as international as possible and with a clear funding plan.

“The Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art’s concept was thorough and the fact that it will be available in various channels and forms raises our art-related English-language communication to a new level. The Centre and its partners already have a very large international reach. The greater involvement of foreign authors will ensure a broader and more distanced view of our art landscape, by identifying its characteristic features,” said Kalmar Kurs, Head of the Foreign Relations Department at the Ministry of Culture.

A competition to find a co-editor who will work closely with CCA to edit and develop the publication has begun. Additional information is available here.

The Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art is the oldest expertise centre for contemporary art in Estonia, which has created opportunities for artists from Estonia and the Estonian art scene, and organised the Estonian pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

Hannus Luure

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