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Emergency assistance in the wake of the corona crisis

11. May 2020 - 12:25

The size of the crisis package in the field of culture and sport is 25 million euros. Applications are being accepted from 8th of May through online application system of Estonian Ministry of Culture.

The aim is to provide emergency assistance in the wake of the corona crisis as follows:

  • to compensate for the costs already incurred and forthcoming unavoidable costs from the application rounds and other costs related to interruption of organisations’ activities, including literature and publishing, reserve, support for national broadcasting, etc. – nearly 20 million euros;
  • to support freelance creative people, trainers and mentors of groups participating in the song and dance festival movement – over 5 million euros.

Criteria and requirements as similar as possible have been established for the largest possible circle of applicants. The measures were designed to cover as much of the creative sector as possible in order to cover the widest possible part of the creative landscape, taking into account the specifics of the sectors. Support opportunities have been created for a wide range of institutions and makers, from memory institutions and the performing arts, music organisers and support structures, to visual art exhibitions and service providers or micro-enterprises in the field of design. In the field of music, the more distant parts of the creative sector's value chains and support structures are also involved. The grants are intended for a very wide range of applicants, both public and municipal and private.

The areas that are being supported are:

  • museums;
  • theatres;
  • music;
  • sports and physical activity events;
  • film;
  • visual art;
  • design.

Applications are accepted through the Grant Processing Information System, unless otherwise specified (creative grants).


Natural persons – freelance creative people, mentors and trainers of groups participating in the song and dance festival movement


Cultural Endowment paid on the basis of Creative Persons and Artistic Associations Act

The support must ensure the survival of creative people during a crisis caused by a coronavirus pandemic. The Ministry of Culture applied for an additional 4.2 million euros to pay cultural endowment. This will allow a total of around 1,200 creative people to be paid cultural endowment in 2020.

Reimbursement of the salaries for mentors and trainers of groups participating in the song and dance festival movement

The support is paid to a group that received operating support from the program of choirs, orchestras and folk dance groups participating in the process of song and dance festival in the budget of the Ministry of Culture in 2019 and who used the operating support purposefully. Applications are processed by the Estonian Folk Culture Centre. Applications are accepted through the Grant Processing Information System.

Additional support for coaches at professional qualification level 3 and higher

The support is intended to help to cover the staff costs of a coach supervising children and young people up to and including the age of 24 at the preparatory level, training level and mastery level on the basis of an employment contract for a sports federation, sports club and sports school. Applications are processed by the Sports Training and Information Foundation. The application for additional support can be submitted through Coaches' Labour Cost Support E-environment


More detailed information is provided by the advisers of the Ministry of Culture and the Communication Department (Meelis Kompus, 520 2318, 

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