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Discussion concerning the Tartu Art Museum’s Holocaust-themed exhibition: the exhibition is offensive

11. February 2015 - 17:41
Tartu Kunstimuuseumi Viltune maja, foto: Räni Laanmaa (Tartu Kunstimuuseum). Allikas:
Tartu Kunstimuuseumi Viltune maja, foto: Räni Laanmaa (Tartu Kunstimuuseum). Allikas:

Today, on February 11, members of the Jewish community and representatives of the Ministry met at the Ministry of Culture.

The meeting took place in a sincere and open atmosphere. According to representatives of the community, the videos that are part of the exhibition have offended many people and give a false impression of the Holocaust.

“It’s sad that the exhibition has affected the reputation of the Estonian state internationally. Unfortunately, the optimal time, when the exhibition was put together and this damage could have been prevented, was missed,” the chairwoman of the Estonian Jewish community Alla Jakobson said.
Representatives of the Jewish community collectively agreed that the history of the Holocaust cannot be regarded with irony. The community is sure that the right solution will be found.

The Minister of Culture Urve Tiidus said that the reactions of the Jewish community are understandable and what transpired is very unfortunate. “Everyone has something to learn from this situation: the museum and its advisory committee made up of experts. However, understanding depends on everyone's own wishes and educational level,” Tiidus noted.  “The commemoration of the Holocaust and other crimes against humanity should not be the basis for offensive interpretations.”

The Tartu Art Museum had previously reported that it stopped exhibiting the Polish artists’ problematic videos and will only show them accompanied by the curator’s commentary to those who are interested. The Jewish community is not satisfied with compromise offered.

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