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Creative industries support measure to be launched

19. May 2015 - 10:23
Loomemajandusmeetme infoseminar. Foto: Kultuuriministeerium
Loomemajandusmeetme infoseminar. Foto: Kultuuriministeerium

On Friday, 9 January, the Creative Industries Support Measure Regulation will come into force which constitutes the basis for the allocation of grants for the development of support structures, joint projects and export capacity of creative industry. This marks the completion of nearly all the preparations for the use of grants in relation to the creative industry of the EU budget period for 2014-2020 in Estonia and Enterprise Estonia will soon be ready to receive the applications. The measure will be opened in stages and at first a call for proposals will be launched for the provision of incubation services.

Support measure encourages entrepreneurship in creative sectors and helps both the beginning and more experienced creative entrepreneurs to achieve economic success under market conditions. “Linking the potential of cultural and creative sectors to the entrepreneurship helps to design new and ambitious business models and encourages the development of products and services in other economic sectors. If the number of exporters among the companies acting in creative sectors will increase, the sector will have a greater capacity to earn its own revenue and creative sector will obtain a distinguished role in the enhancement of added value of other economic sectors, then the use of grant has turned out to be a right investment,” noted Anu-Maaja Pallok, the Adviser of Creative Industries of the Ministry of Culture.

Total capacity of the measure to be financed from the European Regional Development Fund is 20 million euros, out of which 16,1 million euros will be allocated through an open call for proposals on the basis of the regulation “Supporting the development of support structures, joint projects and export capacity”. The Ministry of Culture will allocate 3,9 million euros for the purpose of raising the awareness, knowledge and skills related to creative industries, as well as for the implementation of major projects between creative and other sectors.

During the 2014-2020 structural instruments period, the Ministry of Culture will be the 1st level intermediate body of the measure for development of creative industries and undertakes to coordinate the preparation of conditions for the allocation of grants and implementation of different courses of action in the creative industries sector. Enterprise Estonia will be the 2nd level intermediate body and undertakes to coordinate the application process and allocate grants based on the Directive of the Minister of Culture.

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