Baltic countries as main guests at the London Book Fair in 2018

26.06.2014 | 23:10

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2014-05-21 The ministers of culture from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have signed a memorandum in Brussels with which the Baltic countries promise to promote cooperation between each other in order to participate in the London Book Fair in 2018 as countries of focus. “To be the main guest at one of the world’s most important book fairs provides Estonian literature with unique opportunities to stand out and shine. It motivates us to translate and publish Estonian authors both in English as well as in many other languages. To be at the centre of global attention with our literature and culture in London in 2018 would be a wonderful present for the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia,” says the Minister of Culture Urve Tiidus. The Baltic countries have promised to share equally in the exhibition space as well as the advertising and marketing costs at the fair in four years’ time. They have agreed on a plan to organise an extensive joint culture programme. The memorandum lists as our cooperation partners the organisers of the book fair, the British Council, and the Publishers Association of the UK. According to the memorandum each state names a project manager, whose task it is to involve partners from the fields of literature and publishing in the preparations for the fair. The details of the action plan for the participation at the fair will be reviewed at least twice a year. The London Book Fair was started in 1971 and over the years it has grown into one of the most significant trade fairs next to that in Frankfurt. To be the main guest, or the so-called Market Focus, means that the fair focuses on creating ties with the publishers and authors of that specific country or region. This year the focus of the London Book Fair was on Korea, the year previously on Turkey, and before that on China (2012) and Russia (2011).

Brita Merisalu

Chief Specialist