Art Year 2005 concentrates on young people

16.11.2004 | 00:00

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The Art Year Celebration Committee, formed by the Minister of Culture Urmas Paet, took a decision in their first meeting that in the frames of the Art Year up to 16 years old people will have a free entrance to the Art Museum. Other Art Year events will be planned within a month.

The Minister of Culture Urmas Paet said that the year 2005 has been declared as the year of Estonian Art and it will focus on youth and children. “We offer free entrance to the art museums, this gives the young people an opportunity to get acquainted with our art treasures. We want to offer young people other ideas and undertakings connected to art as well. Besides next year the new building of the Art Museum of Estonia (KUMU) will be ready and that offers various program to the visitors of any age”, said the Minister of Culture Urmas Paet.

The Art Year Celebration Committee consists of the representatives from various art organizations.