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European Integration Network Meeting, 15 November in Tallinn

As part of Estonian Presidency of the EU Council, the European Integration Network Meeting will take place on 15 November in Tallinn.

Established following the adoption of the 2016 Commission's Action Plan on the integration of third-country nationals, the European Integration Network (EIN) brings together representatives of national public authorities from all 28 EU countries and 2 EEA countries: Iceland and Norway. Its primary role is to promote cooperation among EU Member States and to foster dialogue with European, national, local and regional authorities, as well as civil society organisations. It also reaches out to other EU networks relevant to migrant integration in areas such as employment, education or equality. As a key measure of the 2016 EU Integration Action Plan, the European Integration Network replaces the National Contact Points on Integration which were set up in 2003.

With a stronger coordination and knowledge exchange role than its forerunner, targeted study visits, peer reviews, workshops and mutual assistance actions on specific integration aspects are some of the new core learning activities EIN members’ representatives participate in. At the same time, public authorities constituting the network – mostly ministries responsible for migrant integration – continue their long-standing activities in supporting the integration of non-EU nationals and to consult with the European Commission on current developments and the further direction of the policy agenda. Many also have a role in the planning and implementation of dedicated EU funding opportunities, such as the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund, in their respective countries.



In Tallinn, the main topics of discussion will be  EU values in national integration programmes, their definition, target audience, role of integration programmes as promoting values, how are integration programmes measured in terms of values they promote and other issues.


  • Venue: Nordic Hotel Forum

Please note that the European Integration Meeting is a working meeting designated for members of the network (official delegates) only.



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Last updated: 14 May 2019