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Estonian Presidency conference on EU architectural policies and Networking meeting on architecture and policies, 21-22 September 2017

The Conference on EU architectural policies will take place on 21 September in Tallinn. The networking meeting on architecture and policies on the following day is by invitation only and is not open to the general public. The event is organised as part of the 2017 Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU. 




The conference aims at discussing architectural policies across Europe, entrepreneurship and export of architectural services, the roles and operational models of state and municipal architects, among other topical issues. The conference is geared for professionals, policy-makers and experts working with the built environment.

The key note speaker is a renown architect Massimiliano Fuksas.

Massimiliano Fuksas is internationally acclaimed Italian architect who since 1985, together with his wife Doriana Mondrelli, leads his architetural firm Studio Fuksas, with head offices in Rome, Paris and Shenzhen. His creations include, among others, third terminal in Shenzhen International airport which is considered an important example of parametric architecture. In addition to various airports, his portfolio includes a wide array of works, urban projects, museums and conference centres. Fuksas has been a guest lecturer in several top universities around the World, including the University of Columbia in New York, etc. 40 years of international success story of Studio Fuksas is a fine example and a positive case for creative industries in the sphere of architecture.

The list of exciting speakers of the conference includes, among others Ciaran O’Connor, the Ireland State Architect; Leo Van Broeck, the Flemish Government Architect; Lars-Christian Uhlig, federal Office for Building and regional Planning, Germany. 

The EFAP General Assembly, which takes place on 22 September in the Ministry of Culture of Estonia is not open to the public. The extended programme for 22 September meeting  includes site visits, tours and introduction to the Tallinn Architecture Biennale TAB2017 exhibitions and events.

  • Conference: 21 September
  • Venue: Vaba Lava, Telliskivi Creative City, Tallinn
  • Conference programme  (PDF)
  • Introduction of Speakers (PDF)
  • Working language is English 
  • Networking meeting on architecture and policies (by invitation only): 22 September
  • Venue: Ministry of Culture 

Broadcast of the event


Conference Materials

Presentation by Michel Magnier (PDF)

Birgitte Jahn, "Danish National Architectural Policy -Putting People First" (PDF)

Presentation by Chantal Dassonville (PDF)

Presentation by Ciaran O'Connor (PDF)

Presentation by Georg Pendl (PDF)

Ian Pritchard, "Export on Architectural Services" (PDF)

Jaak Adam Looveer, "EV200 – raising the value of architecture and built environment" (PDF)

João Ferreira Bento, "Architectural policies developments across Europe" (PDF)

Jorge Bonito Santos, "National policy on architecture and landscape, Portugal 2015" (PDF)

Lars-Christian Uhlig, "Baukultur Aspirations" (PDF)

Leo Van Broeck, Overpopulation, Land-use and growthism" (PDF)

Leo Van Broek, "Entreneurship and export" (PDF)

Luciano Lazzari, "Architect for export" (PDF)



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Photos of the Conference

Photos of the Conference can be viewed on the Ministry of Culture Flicker. Photographer Kadri Purje.





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Ministry of Culture/Spokesperson (EYCS)
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