International cooperation

Estonia has integrated well into international architectural networks and policy forums, we participate in major international architectural events and in setting development trends in European architectural policy.

A valuable partner for the state in international activities is the Estonian Centre for Architecture, which mostly focuses on introducing and exporting Estonian architecture abroad.
The Ministry of Culture helps to implement the European Landscape Convention in Estonia regarding the aspects of cultural heritage and built environment.

Most important international festivals and other events


  • Trends in architectural policy

    The Ministry of Culture participated in the work of the 2007-2018 European Forum for Architectural Policies – EFAP, which annually organised various meetings to discuss trends in European architectural policy.

    In 2017, the European architectural policy conference was held in Tallinn.
    Read more about the architectural polices of various countries on the Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE) website.
  • Venice Biennale of Architecture

    Estonia has participated in the world’s largest architecture festival in Venice since the year 2000.
    Estonian participation is handled by the Estonian Centre for Architecture and financed by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Ministry of Culture and private donors.
    The curators of the Estonian exposition are selected through an open competition organised by the Estonian Centre for Architecture.
    You can read more on the Venice Biennale of Architecture on the webpage of its organisers and the Estonian Centre for Architecture.
  • Tallinn Architecture Biennale

    The Tallinn Architecture Biennale (TAB) is an international forum of architecture and city planning, which is organised by the Estonian Centre for Architecture.
    The next TAB, already the third, will be held in September 2015.
    The architecture festival has a diverse programme to enhance synergy between Estonian and foreign architecture, and architects and the public, by offering a chance to make contact and share ideas.


Last updated: 12 December 2019