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The work of the Ministry of Culture is managed by the minister, supported by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Culture along with the undersecretaries belonging to the administration.


Indrek Saar

Minister of Culture

Indrek Saar, the Minister of Culture governs the work of the ministry and works with issues in the scope of the Ministry of Culture.

 Phone: +372 628 2201


Hillar Sein

Undersecretary of Art

Hillar Sein is the manager of the arts department, organising the creation of the conditions necessary for the development of performing arts, music, literature and publishing, visual and applied arts, media services and film. The undersecretary of arts also takes part in the drafting and development of the national architectural policy.

 Phone: +372 628 2221


Tarvi Pürn

Undersecretary of Sport

Tarvi Pürn is responsible for the work of the sports department. He is responsible for the co-ordination of setting the general development directions of sports and fitness, sports-related training courses and scientific and applied research on sports. Tarvi Pürn also co-ordinates the development of the bases of the national funding for sports-related activities, cooperation with other ministries and state authorities in sports-related issues and co-operation between sports organisations.

 Phone: +372 628 2206


Piret Hartman

Undersecretary of Cultural Diversity

Piret Hartman is in charge of the work of the department of cultural diversity, organising the creation of the conditions necessary for the development of the cultural life of national and ethnic minorities living in Estonia, as well as supporting the development of the cultural life and activities of Estonian nationals living abroad.

 Phone +372 6282 355




Last updated: 11 June 2018