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The instrument belonging to Triin Ruubel, a concertmaster of the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra (ENSO), is more than 200 years old. Photo: Ministry of Culture
04.01.2016|Ministry of Culture

Estonian Musical Instruments Fund gives Estonian interpreters opportunity for dignified self-realisation

On Monday, 7 December, a foundation called Estonian Musical Instruments Fund was established under the leadership of the Ministry of Culture and in cooperation with the Estonian National Culture Foundation and Maestro Paavo Järvi. The goal of the Fund is to support Estonian sound art and increase...
Historic ensemble of the University of Tartu Photo: University of Tartu. Photo: University of Tartu
04.01.2016|Ministry of Culture

Historic ensemble of the University of Tartu has been nominated for the European Heritage Label

This week, the European Commission announced that the historic ensemble of the University of Tartu has been selected as a nominee to receive the European Heritage Label. The European Heritage Label, which has been awarded since 2013, is an initiative designed to highlight heritage sites that...
21.12.2015|Ministry of Culture

Project competition aimed at Estonian cultural associations abroad opened

The Our People Integration and Migration Foundation (MISA) launched a project competition aimed at Estonian cultural associations abroad for the first time in order to support the preservation of the Estonian language and culture in Estonian communities abroad and encourage Estonians abroad to...
Mängufilmi "1944" poster. Poster: Taska Film
27.11.2015|Ministry of Culture

The Ministry of Culture allocated 11,000 euros to support the Oscar campaign of “1944” feature film

The Ministry of Culture has allocated 11,000 euros to support the campaign of the feature film “1944” in its pursuits to win an Oscar for the Best Foreign Language Film. The American Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences will reveal the films that are chosen into the top five on January 14,...
Opera “Rinaldo”. Photo: Estonian National Opera
27.11.2015|Ministry of Culture

Estonian culture export to the world receives about 125,000 euros in funding

The “Estonian Culture Abroad” grant programme of the Ministry of Culture allocated 124,912 euros worth of grants to 29 projects in its third application round in 2015. “Most projects in this application round were well-though-out and prepared with care. It is great to see that several projects...
Siiri Taimla visualiseeering pressikonverentsist
03.11.2015|Ministry of Culture

Artistic unions announced the competitions for artist’s and writer’s salaries

Today, on 2 November, Chairman of the Estonian Writer's Union Karl Martin Sinijärv and President of the Estonian Artists' Association Vano Allsalu officially declared the first competitions for artist’s and writer’s salaries open. Minister of Culture Indrek Saar and the representatives of...
Raamatu "Pisike puu" esikaas
03.11.2015|Ministry of Culture

Every Estonian new-born to receive a gift book entitled “Pisike puu”

Today, on 26 October, during a visit to Viljandi County, Minister of Culture Indrek Saar hands over the first baby books entitled “Pisike Puu”, which are meant as gifts to babies born in Estonia in 2015 and onwards. The gift book that aims to support children’s interest in reading and value...
Kultuuriministeeriumi hoone
03.11.2015|Ministry of Culture

Saar: Amendment to the Act contributes to better protection of the cultural objects of the European Union

The Government submitted to the Parliament the draft Act to amend the Act on the Return of Cultural Objects Unlawfully Removed from the Territory of a Member State of the European Union. The amendment specifies the conditions on how cultural objects that have been illegally taken from one Member...
Klaveriorkester Estonia klaveritel Hiinas, Shanghais muusikainstumentide messil
03.11.2015|Ministry of Culture

Nõgene: Agreements concluded on cultural cooperation with China in the fields of music, arts, and film. “Estonia” concert piano is vigorously entering the Asian market

From 13–21 October, Secretary General to the Ministry of Culture Paavo Nõgene and Deputy Secretary General of Arts Hillar Sein were on a visit to China, where they met with the representatives of major cultural institutions of China and concluded significant agreements on cultural cooperation in...
Foto: Kevadel astus Tallinnas üles kuulus Pekingi ooper etendusega “Yangide naiskindralid”
08.10.2015|Ministry of Culture

Visit of the Vice Minister of Culture of China Ding Wei strengthens cultural bonds between Estonia and China

On Thursday 8 October, the Vice Minister of Culture of the People’s Republic of China Ding Wei will arrive in Estonia for official visit. The guest of honour will meet the Minister of Culture of Estonia Indrek Saar, get acquainted with cultural and educational institutions in Tallinn and Tartu and...