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Visual identity designed to represent the Baltic Countries Market Focus at the London Book Fair 2018

24. November 2016 - 10:33
Balti riikide Londoni raamatumessi logo
Balti riikide Londoni raamatumessi logo

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have agreed on a common logotype to represent the Baltic Countries as the Market Focus countries in the London Book Fair 2018. The authors and designers of the logo at the Lithuanian branding and design agency “DADADA Studio” were the winners of the competition announced earlier this year.

In May 2016, The International Writers' and Translators' House, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, together with the Estonian Publishers' Association and the Lithuanian Culture Institute, announced a competition to create a logotype representing the Baltic Countries in the international London Book Fair 2018, in which Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia will be the Market Focus countries. A committee of selected judges, consisting of design, branding and literature experts from all three Baltic Countries, chose from tens of propositions submitted and announced the winning design which has been created by the Lithuanian branding agency “DADADA Studio”. After the results were disclosed, “DADADA Studio” collaborated with the committee for several months on improving the creative idea in order to arrive at the best conceptual and visual solution.

“DADADA Studio” about the Baltic countries logotype: “We have designed a special symbol to represent all languages of the Baltic countries. It is a unique combination of three different languages which creates the visual identity for the Baltic countries market focus in 2018. The first letter of the alphabet starts a dialogue, as well as follows us every time we need an indefinite article to express our thoughts: a book, a letter, a conversation.”

The new logotype will be represented in the joint Baltic Countries stand representing the publishing markets of each country, as well as used in presentation materials, printed materials, exhibitions, souvenirs, within the web-space and urban space during the London Book Fair 2018.

In 2018, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will be the market focus at the London Book Fair, therefore 600 square meters in the exhibition hall's central part will be devoted to the national stands of the Baltic countries. Presentation events and readings will be organized for the translated works, achievements in printing and book design will be emphasized, and various cultural events (exhibitions, concerts, theatre plays, etc.) will take place in London and elsewhere in the UK.


Kaidi Urmet

Estonian Publishers Association

tel: +372 6449866

Dace Barga

The International Writers' and Translators' House in Latvia

tel: +371 27710081

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