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Two project competitions launched for Estonian cultural associations abroad

11. November 2016 - 15:46
Pildil: Laulja Jarek Kasar ja Eesti dokumentaalfilmide festivali EstDocs peakorraldaja Kristi Doughty / autor Nicholas Jones, Bokeh Photography.
Pildil: Laulja Jarek Kasar ja Eesti dokumentaalfilmide festivali EstDocs peakorraldaja Kristi Doughty / autor Nicholas Jones, Bokeh Photography.

Estonia 100 and the Estonian government’s Compatriots’ Programme both launched project competitions today aimed at providing support to Estonian communities abroad in organising cultural events, and strengthening ties between cultural groups, artists and other creative people in anticipation of Estonia’s upcoming centenary. The deadline for both competitions is 5 January 2017.

According to Undersecretary for Cultural Diversity Anne-Ly Reimaa of the Estonian Ministry of Culture, supporting Estonian cultural associations abroad is vital for Estonia because it helps to perpetuate Estonian cultural life and preserve the Estonian language and traditions beyond Estonia’s borders. “Celebrating Estonia’s centenary in Estonian communities abroad is symbolic because it will allow us all to feel like one big close-knit family and to take pride in the vitality of our culture and language. It is important for Estonia that every Estonian, whether in Estonia or farther away, carry on the Estonian spirit and Estonian language,” Reimaa said.

The amounts to be allocated to Estonian cultural associations abroad have doubled in comparison with earlier years with the total budgets for the competitions set at 80 000 euros. This increase is due to the ongoing preparations for Estonia’s centenary and the desire to have grand celebrations marking this important anniversary both in Estonia and in Estonian communities in other countries. Applications for events to be organised in 2017 can be submitted to the Compatriots’ Programme competition, while the Estonia 100 competition is aimed at cultural events that will be held in 2018.

 “Whereas events to be held in 2017 can take place either in or outside of Estonia and do not necessarily have to relate to Estonia’s upcoming centenary, then for 2018 we are looking for ideas related to celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, and precisely outside of the country. The Estonia 100 funding will provide a great opportunity to make longer-term preparations for larger or more far-reaching community initiatives that will be brought to life in the centenary year,” said Heilika Pikkov, Manager of the Estonia 100 and EU Presidency International Programme, explaining the need for two different competitions.

There are also differences in the amount of funding available for each project. Projects that are successful in the Compatriots’ Programme competition can receive up to 4000 euros while Estonia 100 projects are eligible for up to 8000 euros in support which may account for a maximum of 80% of the project budget.

The competitions are being organised by Government Office, the Ministry of Culture, the Council of the Compatriots’ Programme and the Integration and Migration Foundation ‘Our People’ (MISA). The terms and conditions for the competitions are available on the MISA website at

Applications for both competitions should preferably be submitted electronically with a digital signature to the MISA competitions webpage at Applicants who are not able to sign an application and all annexes digitally can submit an application by e-mail to and send a hard copy of the application with an original signature by regular post.

The Estonia 100 celebrations will begin in April 2017 and continue through to February 2020 to mark one hundred years from the signing of the Tartu Peace Treaty between Estonia and Russia. Estonia’s centenary is the most important milestone in Estonian history, and all Estonians at home and abroad are invited and encouraged to contribute to the festivities. More information on the Estonia 100 programme is available on the Estonia 100 website at

For more information:

Heilika Pikkov
Manager of the Estonia 100 and EU Presidency International Programme
Tel: +372 56 91 20 91

Sandra Nuudi
MISA Implementation Centre Coordinator
Tel: +372 659 9855

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