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Submission of candidates for the title of Culture Friend has begun

13. December 2016 - 15:35
Indrek Neivelt, the Culture Friend of the Year
Indrek Neivelt, the Culture Friend of the Year

The competition “Culture Friend 2016” has started. The title of Culture Friend is awarded to private persons and organisations who have made a contribution or rendered assistance in some other ways to the area of culture during the last year.

One of the goals of the underlying instrument of the cultural policy „The general principles of the cultural policy until 2020“ is to create possibilities for involvement of private money in the area of culture. According to Indrek Saar, the Minister of Culture, many good examples of the citizens and companies can be brought, who have contributed to the success of important cultural events in this year. “We welcome, that supporting culture has become more common today. By awarding the title of Culture Friend, we wish to acknowledge those who have changed the cultural life in Estonia into a more versatile one and whose actions have inspired most to contribute to the culture this year,” said the Minister.

All organisations related to the area of culture may submit the candidates for the title of Culture Friend. The title of Culture Friend is awarded to the private persons, institutions, companies and organisations who have made significant contributions to the field of culture or supported the people involved in the field of culture with their activities. Culture Friends and the three laureates or the Culture Friends of the Year will be selected from among the submitted candidates. The winners will be announced at the traditional Culture Friend ceremony in February.

In order to submit a candidate, you must fill in an electronic form on the website of the Ministry of Culture. Deadline for the submission of candidates is 15 January 2017. It is allowed to submit the organisations and persons whose candidacy has been set up in previous years.  

The Ministry of Culture has acknowledged the culture-friendly companies and undertakings since 2012. Last year, the title of the Culture Friend of the Year was awarded to Maarja Oviir-Neivelt and Indrek Neivelt (in photo), Heiti Hääl and Alexela Group OÜ, and AS E-Piim


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