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Saar: The Public Sector Must Set an Example of Equal Treatment

21. April 2017 - 11:15

Today, the World Day of Cultural Diversity is being celebrated, which is intended to raise awareness about the value of diversity and the importance and uniqueness of every individual in an organisation, and in society as a whole. According to Minister of Culture Indrek Saar, the public sector and employers play an important role in the promotion of diverse values and equal treatment.

“The better we know, notice and recognise the people living in Estonia regardless of their gender, race, ethnic background, age, disabilities, sexual orientation, as well as religious and political beliefs, the more inclusive, secure, innovative and sustainable our country will be. An important role should be played by the public sector and employers, who, by representing these principles and values and setting an example, can help in the development of a more harmonious society, said Indrek Saar, the Minister of Culture.

Diversity Day is being observed by many companies and organisations throughout Estonia, who have acceded to the Diversity Charter, and support and value diversity and the principles of equal treatment in the workplace. Diversity Day was observed for the first time in 2015.

At the initiative of the Ministry of Culture, the Integration Foundation and the Human Rights Centre, many ethnic cultural associations active in Estonia will be visiting institutions and companies that have invited them to introduce their culture, songs and dances as well as handicrafts and cuisine. In addition, the Ministry of Culture and the Integration Foundation recently initiated a diversity campaign to encourage young people whose native language is not Estonian to apply for jobs and come to work in the public sector. At the same time, the public sector is being called upon to raise awareness related to a more diverse workforce.

The Diversity Charter was initiated in 2012 by the Department of Law at the Tallinn University of Technology and 17 founding member companies. The Ministry of Culture acceded to the charter in 2015. The activities related to the charter are coordinated by the Human Rights Centre. More information about the Diversity Charter and Diversity Day is available at


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