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The new Undersecretary for Cultural Diversity is Piret Hartman

23. November 2016 - 16:23
Fotol Piret Hartman
Fotol Piret Hartman

On a proposal by the Top Civil Service Excellence Centre, the Minister of Culture Indrek Saar assigned Piret Hartman as the new Undersecretary for Cultural Diversity. The new Undersecretary shall commence work on December 1.

Undersecretary for Cultural Diversity oversees integration policy and its implementation in cooperation with other ministries. It is also responsible for creating conditions for development of the culture of minority and tribal populations living in Estonia, and coordinates the cultural life and activities of compatriots living outside Estonia.

According to Indrek Saar, the Minister of Culture, the strengths of Piret Hartman include her vision and high working ability that the area of diversity undoubtedly requires. “The objective of integration policy is to have an open, safe, and coherent Estonia. Integration is omnidirectional, involving the entire society.  That is why leading and implementing policies in this field is the biggest challenge for the Undersecretary,” Saar stated.

“The main challenge in this position is carrying out the integration policy, since it has an impact on us all. The objective of integration policy is to have a safe and socially coherent Estonia.  Integration is omnidirectional, involving the entire society. It is our joint effort, but a coherent society creates a strong state for all of us living and working here,” Saar noted.

Piret Hartman explained that her interest in the development of the field of cultural diversity arises both from her personal background and her work history. “Growing up in Ida-Viru County I was surrounded by these issues, but working in the Ministry and at the Supervisory Board of the Integration and Migration Foundation Our People (MISA) helped to gain a deeper insight. Good cooperation between ministries is essential for achieving the integration goals. I see the Ministry of Culture in a leading role in this cooperation and it is also one of my plans as an Undersecretary,” Hartman added.

Piret Hartman was born in 1981 in Püssi, Ida-Viru County, and obtained higher education in 2005 from the Estonian University of Life Sciences in the field of entrepreneurship and economics. Hartman has worked as a Chairperson of the Federation of Estonian Student Unions, also as a Chief Executive of the Estonia’s Social Democratic Party, and a Fraction Advisor. From May 2014, Piret Hartman has been an Adviser of the Minister of Culture Indrek Saar, including in the matters of integration. From December 2015, she has been a member of the Supervisory Board of the Integration and Migration Foundation Our People (MISA).

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