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The Ministry of Culture is funding the proposals of three authorities for purchasing technical equipment

27. July 2016 - 13:20

Theatre productions, exhibitions or other things offered in the cultural field mostly require command of the Estonian language. With the support of the proposals round “Increasing the capacity to present other language information” museums and theatres can purchase equipment with the support of the European Social Fund, which helps translate information from Estonian into Russian and English.

The Minister of Culture Indrek Saar explained, that culture must be available to everyone, including those that are better at Russian or English. “It would be a shame if good experiences are held back by a language barrier. If we consider audio guides natural when in a foreign language environment, then why should it be different in Estonia, where significantly large communities with another mother tongue live. This will definitely help the spread of Estonian culture as well as integration,” Saar said.

In the spring of 2015 the Ministry of Culture called for all Estonian performing arts institutions and museums to submit proposals about the needs for technical equipment for the benefit of poorly integrated permanent residents and new immigrants participating in Estonian culture. Support to the Endla Theatre, Tallinn Energy Discovery Centre and Tartu City Museum shall be allocated from the third proposals round. 11 theatres and museums are already purchasing equipment, there are now a total of 14.

Photo: Theatre Endla

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