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A joint Baltic States pavilion to be opened at the Venice Architecture Biennale

13. June 2016 - 16:35
Balti paviljon. Foto: Balti paviljon, Veneetsia biennaal
Balti paviljon. Foto: Balti paviljon, Veneetsia biennaal

Today, on May 27, the Minister of Culture Indrek Saar will open a joint exhibition of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – the Baltic Pavilion – at the 15th international Architecture Biennale in Venice. The exhibition, which showcases the development and future of the architectural history of the three countries, will be up until the end of November.

The first joint exposition of the Baltic States introduces the knowledge and creations of dozens of Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian artists and organizations to the international public. The keywords inertia, reality, region, horizon and civilization provide a fascinating glimpse into the changes that have taken place in the Baltic region during the last few decades.

According to Indrek Saar, the Minister of Culture, participation in the Venice Architecture Biennale will give our architects and curators a highly valuable international experience. “The joint pavilion of the Baltics marks the openness of our cultural space and the ability to express our opinion concerning development of living environment, not only in this region but also on a wider international scale. It helps to understand how our practice in developing living environment differs from the practices of other countries,” said Saar. The Minister added that great architecture requires its creator to simultaneously harness both their sense of reality and imagination, and that the Baltic pavilion presents an attractive combination of both.

In particular, the exhibition of the Baltic States focuses on how the development of our area relates to what is going on in the rest of the world in the fields of architecture and urban construction, environmental protection and innovation. The exhibition centers on the joint activities of the three countries that affect the environment, for example, the railway project Rail Baltic, access to the waterways of the Baltic Sea, and energy networks related to residential areas.

Estonia is represented by architect Johan Tali in the international curation team of the exhibition. The Estonian superintendent of the Baltic Pavilion is Raul Järg from the Estonian Centre of Architecture, the producer is the Estonian Centre of Architecture, and the project manager is Karin Kahre. The exhibition projects were chosen at open curatorship competitions held in all three Baltic States.

The photo gallery, which is constantly updated by the Ministry of Culture, of the opening of the Baltic Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale can be seen here. More information about the participants is available on the web page of the Estonian Centre of Architecture and on the web page of the Venice Architecture Biennale. You can also learn more about the Baltic Pavilion from Facebook and Instagram.

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