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The Culture Friend Awards for 2016 Are Announced

14. February 2017 - 17:10

Today, on February 14th, Minister of Culture Indrek Saar recognised 27 companies and individuals, who have made the greatest contribution to culture, as the Culture Friends for 2016. The Culture Friend of the Year awards were presented to the Postimees Grupp AS, AS DNB and Nordea Bank AB, which are in process of merging, and to Aare Kaarma.

At the festive gathering in the Ferdinand Hall of the NUKU Theatre, Minister of Culture Indrek Saar thanked the supporters of culture for their social responsibility. “Thanks to your contribution, we have been able to enjoy some of the most memorable cultural events. These have included international events such as Tallinn Music Week and PÖFF, but also the smaller ones that are constantly occurring throughout Estonia. Communities are stronger thanks to you and the organisers have greater security to continue their initiatives,” Saar said.

The minister added that the state will endeavour to open the doors for investment in the cultural field. “An outstanding example is the Pillifond , which thanks to the support of private investors has already distributed its first musical instruments. The plan for film grants promotes cooperation between Estonian and foreign producers in order to make films in Estonia. This in turn creates valuable jobs in many sectors,” Saar told the businesspeople.

Almost 80 nominees for the award were submitted to the Ministry of Culture, of which the 23 Culture Friends who have made noteworthy contributions were chosen. The three top prizes, i.e. Culture Friend of the Year awards, went to businesspeople that have made exceptional contributions to the field of culture.

The Culture Friends of the Year for 2016 are:

- Postimees, which has concluded an agreement with the Cultural Endowment of Estonia to sponsor the translation and editing of an annual series of books called “Open Estonian Book” between 2016 and 2010. In addition, the company has supported the publication of the Müürileht and the organisation of Tallinn Music Week;

- Aare Kaarma, for his contribution to the creation of the Pillifond’s collection of string instruments;

- AS DNB Pank and Nordea Bank AB, which are in the process of merging. DNB is a supporter of the Nordic Symphony Orchestra’s concert season, the concert movement called Born to Be Special, and the My Orchestra student programme. Nordea is the main sponsor of Tallinn Music Week and the long-term main sponsor of the Black Nights Film Festival. 

The Culture Friends for 2016 are:

- Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp AS
- David O'Brock Kaljuvee
- Danske Bank AS
- G4S Eesti AS
- Tele2 Eesti AS
- Puhka Kihnus OÜ
- Reval Cafe
- Olympic Casino Eesti AS
- Amserv Grupi AS
- Rahva Raamat AS
- Swedbank AS
- Smarten Logistics AS
- Utilitas OÜ
- Auto Forte Tallinn OÜ
- Lemmik Lilleäri OÜ
- Toyota Baltic AS (Lexus branch)
- Sylvia Kistler-Thompson and Andrew Thompson
- Telia Eesti AS
- Tallink Grupp AS
- Toomas Randaru
- Peeter Kangur
- Merko Ehitus Eesti AS
- Nordic Hotel Forum

The photo gallery for the event is available here


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